Natural Born Writing

No matter where you are in business, your ultimate success (along with integrity, reputation and happiness) depends on your honesty (cheating is an option, but anyone can do that, which is why there’s no value in it – money yes, value no).

Imagine if families spent all their time talking with each other in marketing speak:

At breakfast: “Who else wants to lose weight and 10x their income in the next 12 hours?”

At lunch: “This offer is going away forever if you don’t eat your sprouts.”

At bedtime: “Last chance. Miss this and you miss out. You snooze, you lose.”

If we’re in a place where we know everyone is trying to sell something, we feel at ease doing exactly that. But what if we talked to everyone as our natural selves – no context other than being yourself. If you’ve not done that recently (eg. at a network meeting) give it a go (and then try the same tactic in your writing).

The best copywriting inspires people to do something. If that thing they’ve been inspired to do actually works, they become lifelong fans (and not one-hit wonders).


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