No Intent No Sale [Copywriting Tips]

“Are you talking to ME?”. That’s something we never want to hear. Here’s another: “What?”. And a final one (because the best things happen in threes): “You’ve got to be kidding!”.

So that’s a bunch of bad responses to any pitch (pretty much everything we say to each other is a pitch). What about good responses?

“Show me the buy button”, “I’m in”, “Where do I sign?”.

Good copy is written with intent. We’re looking to evoke certain emotions, and from those emotions, we hope to elicit certain responses.

As we’re writing, we’re also watching out for objections (bad responses). Every time we feel one, we know what to write next (an objection handler).

Good copy flows from beginning to end. It’s a conversation between the seller and the buyer. But what marks it out as being good (as opposed to bad) is intent.

This is what I was talking about in Wednesday’s piece this week. Good copywriters have intent (if we decide to include ‘clever copy’ it’s done for a VERY good reason – and has nothing to do with our egos).

More here.

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