No One Wants Surprises Except Evil Copywriters At Your Expense

There’s something about copywriting you should know. The problem is, if you discover it, it may put you off for life, and that’s the last thing I want.

As your powers of persuasion improve (and by that I mean – as you learn the tricks of the trade), your confidence builds.

It gets to the point where almost everything you write has an edge. Your subconscious produces the right cadence of words that weedle their way into people’s minds. You become unstoppable.

New ideas and angles flow from your brain all the time (not just in the shower or whilst walking the dog).

You’re able to figure out what someone really wants just by asking a few questions (think client-getting) – and you don’t need to read Cialdini’s books on persuasion over and over to figure it out either.

It’s a knack. You pick it up as you go along, and the results are astonishing. People love you for it – especially your prospects.

Your reputation not only builds, but it gets pushed out to a wider audience, and all the time, you’re just being you – but it’s you with a plan. A plan about your future.

So what’s that one thing that may put you off?

That one thing is not just a surprise. It is SURPRISE itself.

Hope relies on surprise, but without hope, not only are there no (good) surprises, there is no life either.

So what is it about surprise? Why do surprises exist? In a word: Expectation. If a client (or a friend, or family member) expects one thing and gets another, it’s a surprise (but the surprise can be good or bad).

When we have hope followed by a good surprise, it lifts us.

But when we have hope followed by a bad surprise, our hope drains away. We become desperate. And desperation is the killer of dreams (the desperate get killed by unethical copywriters, who ironically, achieve their dreams by fooling their prospects – it’s the seedy side of copy).

And yet it’s used all the time. It’s an easy way out of any financial situation. Build hope, shut it off with a bad surprise (to build desperation), then turn it back on again with triple the power.

Watch out for this when you find yourself embroiled in some powerful copy. Stop yourself from hitting the buy now button and reread it. Check for the highs and lows of hope and surprise.

If nothing else, you will gain plenty of insight about how you think.

Why might this put you off copywriting for good? It depends on your ethics and how far you’re prepared to go to get what you want. You can be a hero or a villain, but it’s only the heroes who get satisfaction, and that for many is also a surprise.



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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