Reputation and Copywriting

“Reputations takes years to build and seconds to smash”. We’ve all heard it, and we believe it. But is it true (and does it matter).

Reputation is another name for integrity. Actually doing or being what you say you are going to do or be.

“Integrity takes years to build and seconds to smash”. That’s not true at all. Integrity can be built in a single event. It doesn’t mean it lasts.

We invented reputation as a ‘wisdom of crowds’ way to measure integrity. If enough people say something, then it must be true.

Which means reputation is a sphere of influence thing. Reputation matters more than integrity because of that (we’ll always trust the wisdom of crowds – it’s why we look at reviews – we know there will be fakes, but we trust in the overall picture).

With this in mind, we now have the background necessary to build reputations. And the simplest way to do that is through the rhetorical tool of association (which is why celebrities and well known events are paid so much to sponsor products and brands).

Reputations can be crushed by it too. Trump is king of that (and look what happens when you do).

When we sell products, it’s not just the discount, bonus or other trickery, it’s the value of reputation we’re selling too.


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