Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 41

If you read Saturday’s piece called “Fit Test”: ( you’d know what today’s newsletter is going to be about (I’d urge you to read it first if not).

We all talk about success as though it’s the answer to everything. “As soon as I’m successful, all my woes and worries will disappear.”. We forget that our success is based on not just what we do, but what all those around us do too.

Success is a collaborative thing. This is why win-win works and win-lose fails. If the only way to get success is by someone else failing, we all fail (“all the money in the world” is not a solution – it’s a dead end).

On the 8th May 2017 I set out to give to the world everything I knew about copywriting. I’d made up my mind to focus 100% on the copywriting industry, not just as a copywriter, but as someone who could help other people become copywriters AND to upgrade the perception of copywriting across the world as the main power of change.

I started with zero members and one Facebook group (Science of Copywriting).

Today, you and I are part of nearly 40,000 members across 3 groups. The growth is organic and spread by word of mouth along with recommendations by Facebook.

Each extra group was set up to take the strain away from the original group (allowing it to remain focused on its objective – delivering helpful articles on copywriting, life, and business).

One of those extra groups (Copywriting Jobs – is now twice as large as the original Science of Copywriting group. If you’re looking for work or you’re a business looking for a copywriter, that’s one place to start your search.

Take a look at the postings. They are diverse. You’ll get a strong sense of what’s good and bad. You’ll also see a number of different copywriting websites and how those copywriters are positioning themselves.

Many of them are actively posting multiple times a week. These are the people who have the best chance of making the change required to become successful.

Which posts are good and which are bad? Judge them and figure out why. This will help you answer many questions. But if you find that hard, then take a look at the third group Copywriting Critique Board ( and read the comments.

If you feel confident, go ahead and help people critique their copy. They will appreciate it and it will help you too. The more you do things like this, the more you will be giving back to the world and the better you will feel.

You can improve the quality of those feelings too by being careful with your choice of words. Think about how any particular word will make someone feel. What emotion is it going to produce?

And when you think about that, how does that make you feel? What emotions were triggered in you?

Think about this whenever you’re writing. What is the purpose of your words? What reactions do you want? How will getting what you want help your readers get what they want?

Just remember one thing, it will take the best part of your life to become great. Are you prepared for that?

I hope so, because of all the things I’ve tried in life, writing has been by far the most satisfying. It is also the one thing we as a species will never let go of. It is our superpower.

Last Week

Last week had a bit of a theme to it – especially in view of world events. It started with CRIMINAL and ended with SURVIVAL and FIT TEST. SHOPPING was entirely different and the most popular (perhaps because of its practicality). Here are the links:




Fit Test

With my love,

Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

PS. As I mentioned last week, you can now get direct access to the ICA Getting Started series (even if you’ve been through this once, you will learn more if you go through it again):



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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