Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 47

Two things this week. Firstly, the climax to last week’s mini series on how to get unstuck (which starts in the very next paragraph), and secondly, the first update on the trials and tribulations of writing and selling a book – warts and all (as announced in the Science of Copywriting Facebook group on Thursday).

The How to get Unstuck series has been a joy to write, but (like all good things) it relies on philosophy to reveal itself. And that means it can get rather meta.

The ONLY way to find out how anything works is to use the idea of First Principles (explained in the earlier parts of this mini series). So we start with “what is being stuck?”, and follow it up with, “how do we know?”.

That latter question is crucial because it reveals the PROOF we need to give ourselves confidence we can fix something.

It allows us to reframe the feeling of being stuck into seeing it was a PROBLEM, and from there, realising that once we KNEW it was a problem (because we asked ourselves why), we could focus on finding a solution instead of being stuck.

If you’re thinking “hmm, well this is all semantic garbage” understand that WORDS change the world and always have done. The only semantic garbage that exists are lies and fakery.

That’s why we invoke the one subject that has been written about our human lives more than any other – philosophy. And it’s why I’ve spent a considerable part of my life breaking down philosophy into its 5 core pillars and simple one sentence explanations (read the Science of Copywriting Rule Book – First Steps if you want to find out more).

Philosophy is the key to a satisfying existence. It’s the vehicle of choice for anyone who relishes the idea of an independent and free life.

Jumping back to The Pen Test from Saturday’s post in the Science of Copywriting Facebook group, we found that (metaphysically speaking) if we can’t sell a pen, then we can’t sell anything.

We KNOW this to be true, because everyone writes (OK 99.99999999% of everyone – even an X on a ballot paper requires a writing implement of some sort).

So how do we sell a pen? Multiple ways. Here’s one of them. We find some people who are already using a pen and we ask them what their biggest problem (or their biggest want) is in using a pen.

If they say “my pen is perfectly fine thank you”, we don’t waste our time. Instead we move on to another group of people, and we keep doing that until we find an audience who are not satisfied with their current solution.

Transpose that approach to selling ourselves as copywriters, and you’ll see it’s just as simple. “What problems are you finding with your customers responses to the ads you’re putting out?” (we’d ask this question to a group of people who were regularly advertising what they do).

If our audience is STUCK, we know it’s because they have a PROBLEM. That’s what we’re here to fix (and we figured all this out through philosophy using the First Principles approach).

In other words, we broke down the problem of being stuck into something we now understand, and then came up with a solution.

Copy for Beginners

On the 28th July 2020 I decided to write a new book on copywriting for beginners. There’s nothing unusual in that, but what I also decided to do is invite you in to see every step I take, including writing the book itself, finding a publisher (or publishing it myself if there are no takers), and marketing it.

Documenting it all is a task in itself, but I’m doing this for two reasons:

1. To get attention for the book from all those who may be interested in reading or publishing it.

2. To have myself an accountability buddy. You are my witness, and if you care to tag along, I hope this will also help you in some way wherever you are in your business journey.

I’ve decided to use a shared Google doc to record all the events as they happen, so rather than include what will become rather long over time directly in this newsletter, you can use the link below to see how the project is coming along. Feel free to share with anyone you think might find journey useful:

Last Week

If you missed any of the posts last week in the Science of Copywriting group, here they are. They, together with the main part of this week’s newsletter, form a mini guide to getting unstuck (as you will have already read above).




The Pen Test

With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

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