The First Question To Ask If You’re New To Copywriting

If you’re new to copywriting, there are some fundamental things to consider. The first of those is why people buy things. If we don’t know that, how are we going to persuade them to buy anything?

It’s the biggest mistake new copywriters make. The thought process for people new to copywriting goes like this: “if I can find the magic formula to selling stuff, I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank”.

It follows then, that courses, books, and tools are the order of the day. Armed with those, how can we ever fail?

Tools include software that “practically writes itself”, headline generators that “sell like gangbusters”, and templates “that even a monkey can use to make 6 figures”.

It’s all lies of course. The people peddling these things know their market. They know why we buy what we buy, and they give it to us on a plate overflowing with everything we expect (and more we don’t).

And they turn up the desire using the four persuasion devices I call SURE (Scarcity, Urgency, Rarity, and Exclusivety – search for ‘rarity’ in the Science of Coyywriting Facebook group to find out more).

If you’re like me and have bought many of these ‘tools’, ask yourself why. Then ask yourself the same question again and again till you get to the bottom of your desire.

That’s what pro copywriters do (yes, even the villains – you can promise the Earth, but if no one wants it, nothing will make it sell).

Go through the things you’ve bought recently, pick something, then ask yourself what made you buy?

If you bought through some sales copy, go through it, and analyse it until you spot the turning points that influenced your decision.

What changed you from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘definitely’? (or even better, from a ‘not interested’ to ‘OMG I must have it now’).

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