The First Step To Becoming A Great Copywriter [Copywriting Know How]

Nearly everything we do is automated. It’s no wonder many intelligent people have come to the conclusion we’re robots pre-programmed to follow some unknown plan.

But just in case you haven’t thought of this before, if we are, then there is someone or something else that pre-programmed us – someone or something that has a plan.

If so, that thing needs a label (because that’s how we work), and the simplest of all labels is God.

Yet, it seems, some of us have freedom of will. It seems, some of us are able to choose what we do. No automation there (unless that too is automated).

Here’s another reason for the automation: Efficiency. Of course, that too may be part of the plan, but whatever, efficiency helps ensure our survival.

The problem with efficiency is that it puts the brakes on progress (of the type most of us seem to be seeking). Making progress is pointless if our only purpose is to survive.

And that, for me, is the fundamental difference between those who get what they want, and those who don’t. The getters learn to remove the useless automations, and add to, or enhance the important ones.

Which automations are important? For writers (of any type) it’s the automation of writing every single day come what may. Once that’s been automated (ie. pre-programmed into our sole as important for our survival) then guess what? We become writers.

This is your wake up call. If you want some help with that, join the ICA.



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