The Four Cornerstones of Copy Part 4 [Copywriting Tips]

Want to earn a fortune writing just a few words every day? – or how about 8 figures in 48 months working like crazy so you can retire and do nothing for the rest of your life?

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Either way, it’s a couple of examples of the fourth and last cornerstone of the Four Copy Cornerstones mini series (by the way, to make either of the above claims come true is just smoke and mirrors, not a shred of evidence, just another example of what keeps us alive –  hope).

If I dig into your background, it won’t take me long to discover what it is you’re looking for, and even if I fail to find it, I know one thing for sure (with 99% certainty), if I were to make an offer of just enough money to help you get what you want right now, you’d most probably snap it up provided I could also prove there were no strings attached (or at least, no strings you wouldn’t be happy to grab hold of).

Hope is how the world sells itself. Hope that we’ll wake up in the morning, hope that we’ll still have a job (however much we hate it), and hope that our most loving relationships will never end.

We use hope to quell the fear of destruction that is forever around us. We use hope to overcome the other copy cornerstones too – we hope that greed won’t let another politician grind us and our economies into dust, we hope envy won’t destroy us, and we hope fear won’t kill us.

Hope is the holy grail of all copy. You can use it to sell anything (and yes, anything can be sold with great copy, even things that don’t exist provided we’re willing to let go of ethics, standards, and morals, and throw in a bit of lying, cheating, and stealing).

But hope is used at its best to encourage us to take a risk. To do that ONE thing that could change our lives forever. To sell us on buying in to ourselves and what we’re really capable of. To finally prove that it’s not the colour of our skin, the country we were born in, the people trying to suppress us, or the race we belong to that’s stopping us.

To finally realise that we are all HUMAN and we can do this just as well as any other human provided we’re willing to put in the work necessary and to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps no matter what happens.

To know that the only real winners in life are those willing to step out of their humdrum, ordinary lives and do something spectacular with the little time they have left on this proud Earth of ours.

That’s hope. Way more powerful than fear, and the only panacea to it. Write your copy with hope in your heart and you’ll be on the right path.



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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