The Four Fundamental Questions Every Copywriter Needs To Ask Every Time They Write A Piece Of Copy

When we speak to friends and family or write in our private journal, we rarely embellish our words.

For example, if you read my personal journal, you’d be bored stiff. “Got up late. Spent last night figuring out some minor details for the ICA. Still stuck.”. And so on.

When someone new to copy writes their first commercial piece, they do the opposite. They stuff it full of adverbs, adjectives, and cliches.

They might even swipe stuff from some ancient piece of copy (cos someone once told them that copying long gone masters was a good idea).

And they wonder why it fails.

It’s the same for every would-be author. They have no idea of plot, characterisation, and voice. The ONLY big idea is that they will become famous and/or make a lot of money.

They have no idea that when the focus is on money, they stop focusing on the very people who can make it for them – their customers.

This simple piece of logic is overlooked by almost everyone starting out in business too. It’s why Apple and Amazon became the first $trillion dollar companies. Think customer first.

They speak PLAIN English. No fancy stuff. Their marketing messages answer the fundamental questions: What is it? What does it do? Is it for me?

If you focus on those three core questions when you’re starting out, you will achieve a lot more than most.

PS. The fourth question is “Why do I need it NOW?”



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