The Nature of Emotion Part 1 [Copywriting Guide]

This is part 1 of a mini series on the nature of emotion. Let’s start with injustice.

Our planet is collapsing at an alarming rate. We see climate changing in real time, yet we do nothing about it.

A pandemic is rife across the world, with most of us seemingly in some kind of weird denial (“the economy and education is more important than life”).

We’re waging more wars than ever despite organisations like the UN.

The world is being divided by religion. Which god and set of rules should we be following? – the one that asks for an eye for an eye, or the one that says turn the other cheek? (or the one that says both).

Dictators are still springing up and being “voted” into power.

Millions are starving despite more than enough food to go round.

Millions are dying despite enough medicine and skills.

Inequality by race and gender continues unabated.

Homelessness is on the increase and about to get a whole lot worse.

Our water, food supplies, and ecology are being poisoned by pesticides and genetically modified crap.

Refugees are mostly ignored and cultures are still being ethnically cleansed (by Nobel peace prize winners).

And what for? Oil? Power? Wealth? A quick buck? Ego?

Those brave enough to stand up and be counted (and let’s not forget the whistleblowers) are vilified by the press, beaten by their countries “security” services, and jailed by their leaders.

And yet still we follow like lambs to the slaughter.

Injustice is a powerful thing. Use it in your copywriting with care.

PS. And all those who think any of the above matters are labelled by the villains as progressive, extreme left wing, fanatical socialists. Such is life. In part 2, we’ll get into what it takes to change minds.

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