The Nature of Emotion Part 3 [Copywriting Guide]

In the Nature of Emotion Parts 1 and 2 we looked at injustice and division, the two primary drivers of emotion.

After all that negativity, it’s time to get positive. What if you could work directly with me to learn everything I know and to start composing copy and have me comment on it, and guide you to become the best copywriter you can be? [OVERT PITCH: it’s called the ICA]

Armed with that, you’ll be able to confidently contact clients and let them know you can beat any copy they currently have and prove it or you won’t charge a penny. You’ll also be able to choose any clients to work with (from a corner shop to corporations with $mn ad spends).

Putting the ICA pitch aside, it’s called collaboration. Instead of dividing the world up and conquering it one square at a time, we can bring it all together and own the lot.

But how do you actually do that?

Instead of working in a vacuum, you open your work to other copywriters interested in joining you for the ride. Of course, you’ll need to vet them first – your reputation depends on it, but that’s easy – they can either write copy in their chosen field, or they can’t, and as a professional copywriter, you’ll soon know what good copy looks like.

Start with anyone you know in the industry who you respect. Contact them and explain you’re creating a collaborative group of copywriters. Between you, you’ll figure out how to find and approach new leads, and then divide the work up amongst you.

It’s a good idea to have a written statement of expectations for everyone to agree on (eg. “We all agree to find and contact 5 leads per month. We then report all leads in a shared group spreadsheet. Every month we have a group vote to remove anyone who fails to make the quota.”). If someone doesn’t agree, they won’t be asked to join the group.

Do this, and you’ll be on the first step of creating an agency with zero investment other than time.

This is only one example of collaboration. Let it filter into your subconscious and you’ll start coming up with ways collaboration can be used in your copy too. More on that in part 4 here.



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