The Plan Part 1 [Copywriting Guide]

What’s your agenda today? Or if you have a job you intend to ditch at some point to become a full time pro copywriter, what’s your agenda during your non-job hours?

As I mentioned last week, if you have no agenda, you’re being driven rather than driving (if so, you’re not alone, most of us are).

But there’s a deeper problem. Many of the drivers have no idea where they’re going. They too are being driven even though they’re doing the driving.

And it all comes down to the hardest question: What do you want?

For a lucky few, they have always known what they want, and they mostly tend to get it (there’s a second question coming up on why they may not – more on Wednesday).

If you’ve read the Science of Copywriting Rule Books – First Steps, you’ll know that a life without a philosophy is no life at all. Learning is philosophy and philosophy is learning.

But it’s only when we think we know it all that we really start to learn. And that starts with a plan that has one thing driving it – the answer to our question: what is it we really want?

Ponder this for a couple of days. Start by writing down everything you want no matter how trivial.

The next part is here:



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