The Plan Part 2 [Copywriting Guide]

The Plan Part 2 [Copywriting Guide]

If you haven’t read Monday’s post called PLAN, read it first (link below).

How long was your list of wants? Anything less than 10 items and you need to think more deeply. Place them under the following headings:

1. Physical wants

2. Mental wants

3. Spiritual wants (if you’re spiritual in nature)

4. Business wants.

Look at your business wants list. It should contain a list of things you need to do to grow your business.

As you look through that list, decide what can be done by you, and what can be done by someone else (if you have no money, then think about how you might barter your skills with someone who can do it, otherwise, you’re on your own).

Beside each business want, write down the resources required to complete it (the most common are time and money).

And finally, prioritise your business wants by writing down how important each one is on a scale from 1 to 10+ (without any duplicates unless you can afford to hire someone to help you do two things at the same time).

Do this for your other categories too, but the real idea behind this is prioritising your business needs in such a way that it gives you everything else you want (if being in business is your sole means of income, then it’s going to drive this stage of your life).

Part 3 is here:

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