The Plan Part 3 [Copywriting Guide]

By now you know what you want, and you know what you want first. If not, revisit parts 1 and 2 of this mini course on planning (called PLAN and BUCKETS).

Whilst doing these exercises, it’s likely one question has been going through your subconscious: WHY? (but what follows is NOT the usual ‘why’ stuff – read on).

Before any of us do anything, we need to know why. It’s our body’s way of evaluating our energy (and whether it’s worth spending it).

For many of us, the only reason we do something is because we’d get into more trouble not doing it (think parents, school, job, police, or any other authority we’ve been brought up to believe has power over us).

The other reason is FREEDOM (or rather, the hope of gaining some).

Figuring out a why is always hard. This is because we get stuck on believing we need a purpose.

So if that’s you, make your purpose freedom, and be done with it.

Make it clear in your mind: Jail or Freedom. Which do I want?

That will help you with mindset (search for mindset in the Science of Copywriting group to reveal a lot more about that).

Now we need to add a deadline to our plan. It’s no good adding loads of them if you can’t make the first one stick, so pick your top business want (that you know is doable), and set a deadline.

Read Part 4 here:

PS. I wanted to use the word ‘expending’ instead of ‘spending’ in the 3rd paragraph above, after all, it’s exactly the right word to use. But it’s not a common word, so why limit the readership (or force people to figure it out). This is another golden lesson in copy, avoid all big words whenever possible (forget everything you learned at school from your English teacher except the rules of grammar, and even then, know when to ignore those too – if we can split an atom, we can split an infinitive, although both usually end in disaster).

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