The Plan Part 4 [Copywriting Guide]

This is the fourth and final part in my mini-planning series. If you haven’t read the first 3 parts, do that first. You can access it here:

Without a plan you can still do things (that’s how most of us operate), the problem is, you’ll have no idea if you’ve completed it or if it was worthwhile doing so (because you had no direction other than some vague sense of whatever it was you wanted).

Planning takes effort (and without figuring out the benefits, our survival mechanism will refuse to put in the work).

The problem with that is, our survival mechanism will also refuse to put in the work to figure out the benefits, so we’re back as usual with the chicken and egg problem (no benefit no plan, no plan no benefit).

Nature has a neat way of overcoming this (otherwise nothing would get done). It’s called adaptation. We adapt to our environment. For every other animal, nothing else is required – just an environment to live in (the ultimate zen existence).

For us, we have adapted a way to trick ourselves into action, and it’s driven by vision – inner vision. If we can see something in our mind’s eye that we decide would be beneficial, we can figure out a way to get it (or at least try).

That’s the point at which we blunder into it without a plan. But nevertheless, it’s the starting point (think about this from a copy perspective – what do your prospects need to see to start the process of conversion?).

For planning purposes, this is where habit formation starts. Implementing any plan is tough (even getting started). We need to see the benefits before we decide to take action.

The first step of any plan is to find out what the first step is – even if we stop our planning at that point, this is the first step.

This first step is also where we set our first deadline (read part 3). We decide what the step is, how easy it is to do, how long it might take to achieve, then set ourselves a deadline and do it.

For a beginner copywriter, that first step is writing every day.

As kids, those of us lucky enough to have caring parents, discovered the joys of brushing our teeth just before we went to bed.

We habitualised it until it became something we had to do regardless of anything else. Going to bed without brushing our teeth became something of an obsession.

That’s where we need to be to get any plan started.

Your task now is to put that first step into action. Once you have the first piece of your plan in place, you can go ahead and work out the next piece. It gets easier and easier – but only once you make a start.PS. If you want more help with starting plus personal mentoring and a dedicated 52 week copywriting program to follow, join me, Quentin Pain, at the ICA.



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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