The Problem Framework Part 2 [Copywriting Guides]

Needs and wants are at the heart of all copy. If your copy doesn’t provide a solution to a need or want, it provides nothing.

So we first need to get clear on what a need is (everything starts with a need).

On Monday you made a list of your problems and placed them in order of priority (if you missed that, click here – or subscribe to the Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter so you never miss out again).

Categorise each problem by labeling it a need or want (a want is something you can live without – eg. we may want an S Type Jag, but what we need is a car so we can get to work).

By doing this exercise, you’ll discover that whilst needs are generic, wants are specific. What do you think works better when it comes to persuasive copy?

[NOTE: persuasiveness is measured in terms of the conversion rate of whatever is being offered]

When I was a kid I WANTED a bike. But not any old bike, I wanted a RACING BIKE (my awareness level at the time was that there were two types of bike – BORING or RACING – I had almost no knowledge of brands, style, or anything else – in copywriting speak, I was Solution Aware).

To sell me a bike, all you had to do was have the words RACING and BIKE in the headline and I was sold (well, nearly – I still had to pester my dad till he gave in).

The underlying need was a cure for boredom. Once I’d got the notion that a RACING BIKE would make my life exciting (and that without one, there was no point in existing at all), my desire would become unstoppable.

To write effective copy, you need to know your prospects’ wants and needs, and then understand the relationship between them and exploit that.

Continue to part 3 here.

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