The Problem Framework Part 4 [Copywriting Guides]

This week we’ve been talking about The Problem Framework. If you missed any of it, go here for part 1

By looking at other people’s problems, we begin to understand the market. The world is driven by problems (if there’s no problem, there’s nothing to fix).

But what about our problems, and specifically our problems as copywriters? Here’s a brief list. Where do you fit?

1. You have no idea where to start.

2. You have written some sales copy, but feel you don’t know what you’re doing yet.

3. You believe you can write persuasive copy, but have no clients yet.

4. You have 1 or 2 clients, but you have no idea if they’ll stay, so next week you might have none again.

5. You have a number of clients, but they pay you peanuts, and it’s starting to get you down.

6. You have a number of clients, they pay you well, but you are beginning to hate your niche.

7. You have one or more clients, but they treat you like an employee, are very demanding, and perhaps also don’t pay you on time.

This is just a tiny example of an enormous list of possible problems. Here’s 3 more:

8. You have the right number of clients, they pay you well, everything is great, but you’re bored.

And another:

9. As 8, but you’re not bored, you’re depressed at the drudgery of it all. Every day is the same, and you have no idea what you can do to change it.

And finally, this one:

10. Life is perfect.

That last one doesn’t exist. There are always problems (if we’re not creating them, they will be created on our behalf – Covid-19 is an example).

And that’s the point. Problems are infinite and they exist everywhere. Every single person, and every business, is facing some problem or other every day.

That problem might be finding a good restaurant. It might be finding a way to remind yourself to send a greetings card to your Aunty. Or it might be finding a way to save your business from bankruptcy.

Whatever it is, it needs fixing, and someone somewhere will have a solution. The question is, how are you going to find that solution, and how are they going to market that solution so people like you can find it?

Great copywriting clients already know their market. They know who they are selling to. They know where they can be found. And they already have plenty of data on what is working now.

These are your best clients. All you need do is convince them you’re the one. Which means, you now have a new set of problems if these are the clients you want to attract. Who are they? Where can they be found? And how do you convince them to hire you?That’s the subject of this week’s Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter. Here’s the subscribe link:



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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