The Secret Of The Premise [Copywriting Secrets]

The Secret Of The Premise [Copywriting Secrets]

If you’ve been following along with the ICA Getting Started series, you’ll know all about the power of a premise (if not, sign up here:

Everything worthwhile has a premise behind it, but it’s not just worthwhile stuff. It’s everything.

If we could reproduce viral posts that had the same effect as the original, ‘viral’ would no longer exist (because we’d all be viral, and when we’re all something, it no longer has any value).

That tells us everything we need to know about value, especially why value is more important than price (prices can be made up out of thin air, values cannot, they must be found to be useful).

The above concept of value over price is a premise. Here’s another one “price is about money, value is about benefit”. But it’s deeper than that because price too is about benefit (if you only have x amount, and there’s only one product available at that price, then the value is in the price and the scarcity).

This means that price is an example of value. And that’s the problem. It’s probably the worst example of value there is (because anyone can invent a price).

Value means “consider every possible benefit, then use only those that align with an audience” (because that’s what they really want). Read more about premises in the Getting Started series.

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