The Three Types of Move Motivator Part 2 [Copywriting behaviours]

Are you lucky? Do you even believe in it? Then welcome to part 2 of our life drivers series. As you may remember in part 1, we’re looking at 3 drivers, driver 1 being fate, and now in part 2 we look at the second: luck.

Luck is the opposite of fate. With luck, there are continuous and infinite opportunities for random events to happen (unlike fate, where there’s only 1 path), but nevertheless, luck affects optimists and pessimists in different ways (think of a pessimistic believer in luck as a kind of fatalist – “I only ever get bad luck”).

Optimistic luck believers on the other hand, are entirely different. They’re also the gullible ones (I’m one of them). We’ll go with anything if it sounds fun (and we’re not overwhelmed already).

We’re driven by opportunity and buy almost anything that sounds good (and the better it sounds, the more we go for it).

It’s almost impossible to over-promise us as we expect it all (and want it). Ramp up those bonuses, stick on those crazy guarantees, and just sell, sell, sell it to us and we’ll buy like auto-piloted gangbusters (you won’t even get an opportunity to leave any money on the table if you go over the top with this).

After a while though, even the optimistically lucky people become disenfranchised if nothing ever goes right, so you need to take care if you want long term relationships with these people.

If you’re into internet marketing, these are the people you’re seeking. We crave the next shiny object that will see us through whatever current crisis is going on. Send us regular emails with crazy offers, but intermingle it with non-salesy feel good stories and we’re yours for life (well, until you burn us out, but hey, so what, there are a billion more fish like us in the sea, aren’t there?).

And if you are like me (“Mr Lucky”) then you’ll also know one more thing. It’s exceedingly hard to get the kind of success that seems to fall into other people’s laps without them appearing to do very much at all.

There’s a good reason for that though, and it’s one I learned early on. It’s also the subject of part 3 of this mini series.

But before you read that, if you fancy it, write a 50 (ish) word ad aimed at the super lucky optimist (selling anything you like) and post it in the comments below. Go right over the top with this one (and have as much fun with it as you can).


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