The Three Types of Move Motivator Part 3 [Copywriting behaviours]

We’ve reached the pinnacle of this mini series on character traits (see part 1 here) that drive our reactions, and we’re ending on driver 3, which I mentioned briefly in part1 as being the ONLY driver that gets things done.

But before we go there, here’s a recap of the other two drivers: fate and luck.

If you believe in fate, then everything has a purpose and every purpose will have it’s way no matter what we do. It’s the simplest form of life there is. It’s trouble free (because everything “is what it is”) and bears us no responsibility (for the same reason).

In short, it’s the ultimate get out clause: “don’t bother doing anything, because it’s all written and will happen anyway”.

Luck is the opposite, yet in many ways is almost identical. It could be summed up like this: “don’t bother doing anything because it’s all down to luck anyway”.

These two definitions lead us perfectly into trait 3. If you wanted to change your life (or anything else) then you’re going to need this trait whether you were born with it or not.

And that trait is… work. There’s no getting round it, but there are ways to make it easier, the first step of which is to accept it. It’s something the stoics have always understood. It’s observable too. Look at anything worthwhile and you will see its hallmark everywhere.

Whilst it’s true that some people get lucky, they also get unlucky too. And whilst it’s also true that people who embrace work do sometimes get unlucky, they also get lucky.

The difference can be summed up perfectly in that timeless phrase “the more work I do, the luckier I get”.

But the real difference is how it helps you change not just your luck, but your whole way of life. Do the work. If you have no other strategy or philosophy in life, use that 3 word phrase: do the work.

Here’s today’s mission. Pick anything at all in your office (or wherever you work) and write a 50 word sales piece on it (don’t forget a call to action – the one defining thing that tells us this is sales copy).

Your audience is someone who understands work. They are stoic in nature. They’re philosophy is based on the single concept that nothing happens until they do something. What would you have to write to get their attention and convert them into a customer?

PS. This is not as easy as it sounds because one aspect of our audience is missing – their awareness of whatever it is we’re trying to sell them. So decide on that before you start writing, and then next week we’ll go into it in more detail. Good luck and have a great weekend.


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