The Top Three Movers Of Successful Copy – Mover 1 [Copywriting Knowhow]

To get people to do what you want (when they don’t want to do what you want), you must encourage them to change direction. Every change of direction involves movement. That might start with physical movement or it might end with physical movement (for example, hitting the buy now button).

But the one thing it will always involve is a change of mind. The interesting thing about the mind is that it appears to have a mind of its own. You might like to think of humans as having three parts: 1) our bodies, 2) our minds, 3) and the thing that seems to control our minds.

In the woo woo world, that third part is often called “universal consciousness”. But it can also be termed god, buddha, or any one of a thousand different labels. What joins all those labels together is one thing: Belief (aka faith).

The vast majority of people have this (I’m not just referring to those of a religious persuasion). Anyone who believes anything without proof is part of that majority.

This is why rapidly growing commerce in all its forms works. Our ability (and need) to take on board anything at all that fits in with what we believe gets a thumbs up from most of us.

So you have two choices when it comes to getting what you want (eg. your first high paying copywriting client).

The first and easiest way is to preach to the converted. The downside is it’s your most competitive market (everyone is already preaching to the converted – whatever market you’re in). The upside is that the truly converted will buy almost anything at all related to their interests.
The other way is to teach to the unconverted (preaching to them won’t work due to cognitive bias). The goal is to get them to do a 180 degree change of mind. A complete reversal of everything they believe about what it is you’re selling.

And the only way to do that is to instill a new set of beliefs. How? With the first mover: Hope. Good ‘ol hope. But hope for what? Now there’s the real problem. What is it the people who are not in your market want that you have?

The correct answer is nothing. This is why teaching to the unappreciative seems pointless (ask any school kid who hates school). But despite that, can they still be converted? Yes. Going back to the school kid example, just think back to the one teacher you had that made a difference.

They had what it takes to convert the unconvertable. They gave you something to look forward to that none of the others did. They told you WHY something was worthwhile. They encouraged your imagination so much, you could SEE why it was worth moving forward.

They sold you the future with hope. That’s your prime mover, and it works no matter who you’re dealing with (you might have to be a little more subtle about it for the extra cynical of course).

In part 2 we’ll look at mover #2.


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