The Top Three Movers Of Successful Copy – Mover 3 [Copywriting Knowhow]

The Top Three Movers Of Successful Copy – Mover 3 [Copywriting Knowhow]

In the final part of this mini series on movers we look at the missing link, the ultimate mover, the one that promotes all other movers to stratospheric heights. Its name is Emotion.

Whilst mover #1 (hope) helps us get out of bed in the morning and mover #2 (fear) holds us back, mover #3 (emotion) causes every possible kind of chemical reaction in our bodies.

If you want to get people angry, use injustice. Nothing works better. If you want to make people deliriously happy, use any story with a wildly happy ending. If you want to make people quizzical, use words that demand curiosity.

Viral content is viral because of emotion. Think of it as the bedrock of your copy. What is it you want people to feel as they travel from your first word to your last. Think about inflection points in your copy too. Maybe you want readers to transition from one emotion to another (eg. a gasp from the audience at a dramatic change of scene in a film).

And if you want your audience to come back for more, think about the emotion you want to leave them with when you write your cliffhanger (is it fear? hope? curiosity? something else?).

Want some examples? Start reading every piece of copy you can find, then analyse it. What makes it tick? (and if it didn’t grab you in some way, how would you edit it to improve it?).

That’s it for this week. Hope you’re enjoying these weekly series of copy snippets. Watch out for more on Monday. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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