Time and Copywriting

A question I often get is “what am I doing wrong?”. The problem with the question is it’s an assumption: “nothing’s happening, therefore it must be me”.

And the problem with that assumption is it’s true. Without you nothing will happen. We all know that, so we do stuff, and then we do more stuff. And still it all comes to nothing.

Then we get desperate and we start asking why the world is so unfair. We blame the planet.

The planet doesn’t respond of course, it has no idea what we’re talking about. It just gets on with what it knows best. And it does that by servicing needs (read James Lovelock’s gloriously detailed study on Gaia).

How does (or can?) the universe know? It listens. Every single element in the universe is unique and monitored – every electron in its own unique space (quantum mechanics).

If anything is out of kilter, the universe responds and fixes it (entropy is the key).

How does all this affect us poor copywriters struggling to find work? It tells us we don’t listen. We become self-absorbed in our failure. The vicious cycle of destruction.

We try networking and that fails for the same reason. We try cold calling, same result. We ask people why nothing’s working, same answer.

To make your fledgling copywriting business successful, you must forget yourself. Looking at yourself is looking into the past. It’s already written. No changes will be found.

So what do you do? Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you.

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