Triggering Events and Invoking Emotions Used In Copywriting

When we see an injustice, most of us are moved emotionally. As we see it unfold further, that emotion starts to build until eventually it motivates us to take action.

This is a good example of how copywriting, when done well, can move people from almost any state of awareness, to full awareness and action.

So what, exactly, is injustice? Whilst it’s not an emotion in itself, it’s certainly an invoker of emotion.

What emotion or emotions does it invoke? A whole variety: disgust, hatred, horror, anger, or resolve (a feeling of determination to do something).

From this, it’s clear that every emotion has a driver (in this example, the driver is injustice). What matters is knowing that emotions happen for a reason, and that reason is usually external.

Emotion is also the force behind 97% of all sales (the top 3% of prospects have already been through the first emotional stages and are motivated to buy – they’re just looking for the best deal).

What we have then, is the start of a system to help us think more clearly about converting prospects (no matter how small the starting desire) into customers.

These are the sorts of things we will be going into in a new organisation I’m setting up for copywriters. If you want to know more about when it’s happening, make sure you subscribe to the Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter at



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