Trust is fine, but trust without belief is an issue [Copywriting Tips]

It’s one thing changing someone’s belief, but quite another winning their trust.

If someone believes in Monarchy, but you want them to believe in a Republic, you’re going to have to change a fundamental belief we all seem to be born with – we all need a strong and permanent leader.

It starts with our parents (or carers). We have no choice but to trust in them, so we do (even when we’re abused). We learn this whether we want to or not.

And if we’re also born into a monarchy, then whatever we hear about it, as long as we’re fed some propaganda and a morsel or two of bread, we believe in it.

Belief builds upon belief. By the time we’re young adults, most of us believe (in varying degrees) that a monarchy is good (or a republic if that’s where we were born).

And because the monarchy or republic has been at the heart of our lives the whole time, we come to trust them (trust is step 2 in the long road to conversion: Belief > Trust).

Those two stages are important in your copy. If someone already believes in what you’re selling, then you can start straight away with trust.

If someone already believes and trusts in you or the product, then all you need to do is tell them why they need it now (via scarcity or any other method – scarcity just happens to work best – this is why “SALES” and “NEW” as single word marketing solutions never go away).

PS. Both monarchies and republics have leaders, but converting a country from one to the other is the hardest sell of all (we are constantly divided by our love and hate of change and stability).


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