Turning Wants Into Needs And Other Things Important To Copywriters Looking For New Clients

Sometimes what your client wants isn’t what they need. So you have a choice. Tell them they’re misguided, then tell them what they need, or just go along with everything they say.

Another type of client doesn’t know what they want (or need) apart from one thing – YOU. That’s why they contacted you. Something about you attracted them (it may have been a referral, a search on Google, or an ad).

The third kind of client knows what they want AND what they need.

Which one is right? And which one is right for you?

To know the answer (and the answer matters), you need to know what you want and need.

Growing any type of business, not just a copywriting business is not about you finding clients. It’s about clients finding you. That’s what advertising does. And that’s what copywriters do.

This post is a wake up call for anyone struggling to find clients. First, find out what you want and need (a want is something you don’t need until you turn the want into a need).


needs, wants

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