Understanding How The World Works For Successful Copywriting

Every day we make choices. Some of them are automatic (like waking up – our body chooses to – maybe by responding to an alarm), some of them are deliberate (because we need to decide to do one thing or another), some are directed by our inner needs (we choose to eat), but most are directed by our environment (especially the people we surround ourselves with).

Since our future depends on the decisions we choose to make, it makes sense that we should care more about those choices. But we don’t. We carry on regardless.

We get up, we go to work (which most of us hate according to various studies), we have lunch, more work, tea, then we play or do chores, and finally we sleep.

Every now and again we choose to treat ourselves. We go on holiday (and are usually delighted to return home two weeks later, only to forget about that delight the following year). We upgrade something in our life (gadget, car, home etc.).

And somewhere in all of that we see and read adverts, or hear someone telling us something that interests us and take action to find out more.

We copywriters fit into that space. If our ads miss the opportunity, they fail, and we notch it up to experience.

This is part of the knowledge you need to have to become a world class copywriter. Understanding how the world (and the humans in it) works.



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