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USPs and the Copywriting Business

There’s a Latin phrase – Amor Fati. It translates as Love Fate. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is famous for coining the term and trying to live by it.

But the concept goes back thousands of years, with writings from Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius and others claiming it to be the only way to live a full and happy life.

I last came across it when I had my bathroom rebuilt and the builder, on encountering a tricky problem he didn’t want to fix, said “it is what it is”.

I told him it wasn’t and could he fix it anyway. He did.

We always have a choice. Accept things as they are, or not. The least stressful is to accept. Amor Fati.

Yet how is progress made? How can we evolve as better copywriters? Do we accept our flaws “it is what it is” or do we strive for more?

Nietzsche certainly did, right up until his full and final mental breakdown. Everything he wrote was done with intent to explore all possibilities. He was never content with anything.

When your clients learn you care this much about your work, they will also be impressed. And if you do nothing else, you will have found your USP.

About the Author Quentin Pain

I've spent my working life starting and running a whole variety of businesses, from my first QPL Express Couriers where I travelled over 100,000 miles every year delivering packages on a motorcycle (along with a whole bunch of colleagues) to which made a major in-road in the UK, to ProofMEDIA my current business that focuses on Copywriting and the International Copywriters Association, which helps copywriters learn more about copywriting and the copywriting industry around the world.

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