What Are You Worth – And Are You Worth It? [Copywriting Guides]

This is part 3 of a mini series on price. You can read part 1 here if you’d like to start from the beginning:


Ask yourself this question (do it now): how much are you worth (in cold hard currency)? I don’t mean you as some kind of asset, I mean what are you worth to your prospects or clients?

Any idea? Most people don’t know. The usual objection is: “to who exactly?” – or: “for what exactly?”. Both are understandable.

There’s the famous old saying “know yourself”, which implies that by “knowing ourselves” we somehow know everything we need to know (hint: we don’t, and we never can).

The motive behind the idea of “know yourself” often hides a get rich quick scheme (eg. “if you really learn to know yourself you can have everything you ever wanted – and this course/mentoring/coaching/book will get you there faster than you can ever imagine…”).

This is called “magical thinking”. So what has any of that got to do with pricing yourself (aka: how much are you worth)?

Before I reveal the secret 🙂 there is one more thing to know. People say “something is worth what someone is willing to pay”. Whilst this seems true at first sight, it’s also what holds us back.

We can never know what someone is willing to pay until we draw a line in the sand. That line is our price (what are we worth). If we go down the path above (what someone is willing to pay), we will never discover it until we first set a price.

And when we do, if it gets rejected, all we know is what we’re NOT worth (can you see the problem here? – it’s two fold: 1) a little confidence is lost, 2) maybe someone else would have said yes?).

On the other hand, if someone says “YES!” we still don’t know the price because maybe, just maybe, we could have asked a little more.

So ask yourself this: Are you someone who knows their price, or are you someone who dithers? (we’re not talking about value – just plain old simple and “foolish” price).

I can tell you from long experience of being foolish that only the latter know their worth (and they also know the secret – which is this: price has nothing to do with what someone is willing to pay).

We’ll wrap this up with a plan. Go here for part 4.



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