What's An Offer? [Copywriting Knowhow]

What’s An Offer? [Copywriting Knowhow]

This week’s posts have been about communicating with prospects. We’re going to end with the offer (because every piece of copy ends with an offer or it has no right to be called copy – at least in the context of copywriting).

So far, I’ve learned the hard lesson of how to avoid annoying prospects. When they read my copy, they find themselves involved in the story (and not questioning the story).

This was achieved by finding out what they wanted enough to be willing to pay attention.

I also gave it context so it was clear. Simple headlines and copy that state clearly the problem and the solution.

And yesterday we gave it intent. We aren’t going to write random offers in the hope that someone, somewhere, might buy something.

So all we have to do is figure out the offer. We know the copy has already described the solution along with the Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FAB).

This leaves us with two things left to explain: a) the price, and b) how they can get it. And that’s all there is to an offer.

If you cannot sell the product at the price point you’ve chosen to the audience who needs it, then no amount of scarcity, bonuses or fluffy bunnies are going to sell it for you (at least, not without a great deal of resistance and subsequent buyer’s remorse).

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