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What’s The Concept Of A Big Idea In Copywriting?

We had the question “what does the BIG IDEA mean in copywriting terms” in the Copywriting Questions group on Facebook. Here was my reply:

Replace BIG with NEW and you’ll get it. If you want to get noticed, you’ll need something different – ie. new. The better it is, the more it will stand out. The BIG IDEA is the idea behind whatever you’re writing (in the case of copywriting).

For example. The idea itself of a BIG IDEA is in fact a BIG IDEA. If someone tells you they’ve got something you need that will change everything, then that thing is the big idea.

The next stage is deciding how you’re going to tell people about it.

With the big idea example above (ie. selling the concept of a big idea AS a big idea), this was done by a well known internet marketer (in IM circles) some years ago at a very expensive seminar.

I cannot remember the sales letter now, but by the time you’d finished reading it, you were under no illusion that what was going to revealed at the seminar was indeed something BIG and very NEW. And so it sold out. Nice.

But nothing’s new under the sun in reality, The big idea has been around forever, even before ‘Eureka!’ became a thing (now that idea is the start of another big idea… and so it goes on).

PS. If you write a piece of copy, and it has nothing remarkable in it, then it’s lacking a big idea. Or, as said in Toy Story “if you haven’t got one, get one”.

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