Why Being a Specialist Copywriter Matters To Every Business

Great copywriters change the world. Making money is a by-product of that and should never be the major consideration.

Buyer motivation varies from hunger to safety to status, but the primary motivator is always the same, hope (not money).

Kill or degrade hope, and all motivation is lost (even if the prime motivator appears to be hunger – there are countless examples of this throughout history from prisoners to the oppressed).

But take a look at today’s adverts (online and offline) and you’ll come to the conclusion that money is the driving force behind everything.

And whilst that’s true of commodities, it’s rarely true for luxury or specialist items (“Today’s Special: Buy 3 Aston Martins and get One Free”).

As copywriters, we have a choice of who to serve. We can serve the commodity markets (eg. retail, trades, and services) or we can go for luxury or specialist businesses.

When you aim for the latter, your world opens up. They need original and fresh thinking. Luxury and specialist businesses look for luxury and specialist copywriters.

When you choose the former (commodity markets) you’ll be competing with commodity copywriters, and you’ll find it a race to the bottom UNLESS you can differentiate yourself in some way.

To do that, you need to position yourself as THE specialist in that market. And to do that you first need to specialise in it (or you’ll be found out faster than the coronavirus can remove sanitisers from supermarket shelves).

So, since most markets are commodity markets, it pays to become a specialist regardless of who you serve.

Do that, and you’ll find your clients choose you. And when happens, they’ll pay you whatever it takes. That’s what they’re looking for – you, not the money.


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