Writing For An Audience Beats Writing For A Product Or Client Every Time

The first thing we have in life that matters is time. The second thing (but equally as important) is our right to be who we are (our right to our life).

Remove either and life sucks. That’s the problem for many of us right now. Although we have our time, what we can do with it has been restricted. It’s not far away from being a prisoner.

Working for a boss is similar except we have a choice (even if that choice is as stark as being able to eat or not).

When society decides that society itself is more important than each individual, we enter a George Orwellian kind of world. The order of the mob (society) rules.

It’s a contradiction to our one and only basic right (the right to our life). And that’s why it’s so frustrating to so many.

Don’t get me wrong though. The right to our life means EVERYONE must respect it. When one individual breaks the rights of another, something must be done. It’s why Politics exists (Politics is the 4th pillar of philosophy – The Study of Force – see the Science of Copywriting Rule Book – sign up to the Weekly Newsletter if you’ve not already done so).

Society is another name for the herd. That’s the way things work with herding animals. So far, it’s been a pretty good survival pattern, but it’s not the only one, plenty of species choose individualism over collectivism (albeit often in pairs rather than tribes).

When it comes to copywriting and persuasion, it’s vital to know. Government advisors certainly do (the type who pull the strings or write keynote speeches).

All you have to remember is the copy we write is NEVER for the product or the client. It’s ALWAYS for the audience. Even (and especially) if that audience is just one person.

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