Your Desire Is Our Purpose [Copywriting Knowhow]

Your Desire Is Our Purpose Part 1 [Copywriter Knowhow]

I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but if you want your copy to convert, you need to increase desire to the point where the prospect can no longer resist.

That’s why it has been famously said that the point of marketing is to make selling redundant. Get the desire level to a crazy high, and resistance becomes impossible.

The best marketers identify an audience with the base desire they’re after, then find the right advertising platforms to get their attention and deliver them to a destination (eg. landing page, retail store etc.).

Our job is to write the copy for those advertising platforms, as well as the copy for wherever the ads take them.

And provided our copy builds their desire to a sufficient strength, it’ll convert more or less every time.
But nothing will happen unless there is an initial desire in our audience. No desire = not interested. The thing is, that desire doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact final desire we’re after.

It can be linked indirectly. That’s what this week is about. Part 2 is here.

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