Your Desire Is Our Purpose Part 2 [Copywriter Knowhow]

In part 1 we went over the need for desire – and how, without it, there’s little you can do when it comes to selling anything.

This is obvious of course, but despite that, new businesses start up everyday without paying attention to it (and existing businesses continue to lose money for the same reason).

The thinking for the average startup goes something like this: “OMG, I just realised I could do this as a business, quit my job, make a fortune, look after my family, go on holiday, buy a house, a new car, fancy offices, and retire forever…”.

Now that, right there is a strong signal of desire. There are two problems though. The first is that the focus is wrong – it’s not OUR desire that makes sales – it’s the desire of our prospects (obvious I know, but keep this in mind for a second).

The second is that their desire to get all those things has no relationship to the desire of their prospects (who only want to get the things THEY want).

So how do we fix that? – if we want money but our audience wants to lose weight, how are we going to align our desires? The simple answer (and the one most people use) is to start shoehorning whatever it is we’re selling into whatever it is they want.

The trouble is, for the seller, their product may have nothing to do with losing weight. It doesn’t stop them of course, they might say something like “Well, if you buy these golf clubs and start using them today, think how much weight you’ll lose over the next few weeks with all that exercise?” – or make up any old benefit you can think of for whatever you sell – “eg., whilst I do your copywriting, you’ll have more time to exercise and lose weight :)”.

And we know what tends to happen. Nothing. We can shoehorn in as many indirect desires as we like, but they mostly fail for one reason.

Keep that in mind for part 3.

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