You’ve got their attention. Now what? Copywriting guide to getting clients part 5

If you’ve not read the first four parts of this series, please start at the beginning. The following will then make more sense. Here’s the link to part 1:

Clients expect the earth and more often than not, fail to get it. They know this too. For this reason, any client worth going after will have been in business for a number of years.

But before you start objecting to that, let me make it clear. There are two types of business founder. The first is excited as hell, and has an optimum amount of gullibility.

These are easy clients to get. But whether you succeed in helping them or not, they are about to discover the brutal honest truth about any business. It’s hard work, takes a long time, the rewards are pitiful (at first), and the stress increases exponentially.

The second type has either done it all before, or by some miracle, has zero expectations of anything.

The second type is who we want (that’s why you should follow my two and a half rules for picking clients – see part 4).

Before you get into any negotiation with a type 2 client, you need to be clear on what you do and why it’s valuable to them.

They already know what to expect (because they have no expectations – sounds weird but bare with me).

They are in business to achieve one thing. Results. How they measure those results is a choice they’ve already made (and it’s one you need to discover).

That means they have their goals set hard in stone. They’ve been in the game long enough to know that nothing is predictable (except the mundane), and so they know that whoever they hire to help achieve those goals may or may not succeed (there are no guarantees and they know it – however hard you try to convince them otherwise).

Which means they live or die by THEIR choices. And the best of them base their choices on PEOPLE, and not merit (although that helps).

That narrows everything down to one thing: TRUST.

They will have read you like a book almost from the word go (in other words, whatever COVER you first presented to get their attention made its mark). So the fact they got in contact means you have something they trust.

Your job now is to increase that level of trust to the point at which they want YOU regardless of what you do. How?



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