You’ve got their attention. Now what? Copywriting guide to getting clients part 6

If you haven’t read the first 5 parts of this series, please do so first, then the following will have more value. Start here:

So you pulled out all the stops and got some attention from the people you REALLY want to serve. Having got their attention, they find themselves attracted to you or what you do, and the next step is to convert them into a high paying, serial, client.

Why? Well, one-offs are no good. It takes a LOT of work to get each client. If they hire you for just one short job, you’re going to have to start all over again (this will happen regardless, but just be aware of it before you even start thinking about negotiating any deals).

What’s the best way to meet with clients? Telephone? Email? Face to face? Online chat? Zoom/Skype/Something else? Any and all of them?

Some clients love face to face, but unfortunately (or thankfully depending on your personality), Covid has put an end to much of that.

F2F has been vital in almost every significant deal I’ve ever done (in fact, I can’t think of any that haven’t had an F2F at some point – I’ve flown from where I live in the UK to talk with Apple execs in California to get a 6 figure deal, and I’ve travelled by train to far off hotels to do the same thing).

I’ve also had prospects come visit me at home, but don’t do this if you live in shared accommodation or the middle of a run down council housing estate – presentation is everything (some billionaires may dress casually, but they’ve done every bit of prep beforehand, and everything about them will be aligned to whatever meeting they have coming up – they understand human DNA perfectly – and it starts, just like a book, with the cover – attraction is a science).

Two factors come into play immediately at the start of any negotiation, and they take milliseconds to happen:

1 Confidence

2 Trust

You MUST be 100% confident you can deliver what you’re about to offer (don’t know what you’re about to offer? then you didn’t do your homework properly).

Confidence comes from certainty. One way to start is to understand that whatever you take on, you are going to do, and succeed in doing until your dying day.

This is not a take it or leave it situation (although that is going to be the mindset you portray).

If you don’t start with that in mind, your prospect will pick up on it instantly, and it’s HIGHLY unlikely you’ll land the gig (I’m not talking about writing a sales page for a few hundred dollars here, I mean taking on someone willing to pay you at least 4 figures a month for considerably less than a month’s worth of work).

Having got your confidence sky high, the trust factor will follow (a confident person is the opposite of pushy, they can look you in the eye and tell you with certainty they can do what you request. They’ll also let you know how long it will take, how much it will cost, and the chances of success – even if it’s 1%).

How does that even begin to work when you have nothing other than your skill? Let’s pick it up again on Monday in a new series.



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