Another Way To Think About Getting New Copywriting Clients

Humans are great at judging people. I don’t mean great at figuring out what they’re like (we’re rubbish at that), I mean we simply enjoy judging for judging’s sake.

Everything we see is filtered through our memories, and if anything lights up, then we take that as a signal of character.

For example, if someone looks at us in a certain way, and that look stirs up memories of our past, then whatever was associated with those memories we project directly on to their character.

This is why relationships break up. This is why clients become ex-clients, but more importantly, this is why prospects become clients. It’s not because we guessed their character correctly, it’s because we found someone like us.

I mention this, because one way to guarantee a successful business is to be ourselves and sell that.

Those who like what they see, do so through a strong connection..

There’s a lot more to this of course, but I hope this will give you another angle to muse upon when thinking about how to get clients.

PS. This might be summed up as ‘trust yourself’.


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