How To Get New (or your first) Copywriting Clients [Simple Guide]

You want more clients? (maybe even your first?). What are you doing right now to get them?

Everyone I meet in this situation, is doing one of three things::

1) They are doing nothing (this is by far the most common)

2) They are updating their website or other online asset (the second most common)

3) They are proactively seeking prospects (the least common)

Guess which one works? (HINT:  it’s not 1 or 2).

The first obstacle to doing number 3 is “but I have nowhere to tell people where to look” or “how will they know what I do if I don’t have a website” or “I need to keep adding new stuff to my site or I won’t be credible” or “what if they ask for samples, no, I need to keep doing number 2 until I feel worthy.”.

I’ve made this mistake many times. My first business was wildly successful because I did number 3 over and over from day 1 (guess what? there was no internet back then).

Later, I got sucked into SEO. I thought that was the holy grail of business (didn’t we all). But our world is about people. We start with them. Everything we do online and offline happens BECAUSE we start with people (not the other way round).

Once we know who we’re dealing with, then and only then can we start writing (otherwise we have no idea who we’re writing to).

If you’re having trouble finding clients. Start looking. Do it right now. Even if you haven’t yet got a clue who you want to serve.

Find a company you think you’d like to work for (as a freelancer, semi-professional, or professional) and call them. Repeat over and over. You’ll soon get the hang of it and will learn more than all your competitors (except the very successful ones).

Another way is by joining our sister group Copywriting Jobs (here on Facebook) and following up every offer. You’ll learn how to negotiate too.

Just remember that every rejection is another step towards acceptance.

PS. If you already have a whole bunch of clients, it would be really useful to the group to know how you got them (your first steps). As for me in that first business, I walked into my local companies’ receptions, told them who I was, what I did, and left them with a flyer.


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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?

Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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