How To Shine Part 1 [Copywriting Guides]

The simplest way to develop a strong following is to stand out for something people care deeply about.

But most people are too desperate to take the risk. When we go out on a limb, there’s every chance it will break (or rather, that’s the fear).

Yet our current rash of politicians are proving it’s not only possible, but you can do it with impunity provided you’re willing to bend the truth (or just outright lie).

It’s all part of the villains toolkit, and we all have the capability of reproducing it. The only thing that stops us is ethics.

Unfortunately, for most of us, ethics is not personal, it’s about what others will think. And that’s our biggest problem.

To be taken seriously in society, men wear suits. No suit in a suit wearing club makes you a maverick at best, and an anarchist (or enemy) at worst.

So we prefer pandering to what (we believe) our prospects want over selling them what they need.

As a result, we don’t stand out because we don’t really stand for anything. To get ahead as a copywriter (or any other leader), discover what it is you can give to the world, then go all in on delivering that.

Defend it like a faith. Make it the agenda. Let your prospects know there’s only one way to get ahead, and that way is you.

Show them the future with you (and how bad it could be without you). And above all, shine like the bright star you are.

PS. Or if you’re a villain, just do what they all do, and lie, cheat, and steal.

PPS. Click here for part 2.



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