How To Shine Part 3 [Copywriting Guides]

There are numerous examples of binary star systems in the universe (two suns orbiting each other). There are many triple star systems too – Alpha Centauri being our closest and best known (only designated a triple star system in 2016 on the discovery of its 3rd star).

There are also plenty of multi star systems (4 or more stars orbiting each other). What designates these distinctions are human rules (just like the dilemma of Pluto being a planet).

If we take the universe as a whole (using current scientific theory) we know it’s not only still expanding, but expanding faster than ever with no obvious contraction in sight (according to the BBC, it all depends on the amount of “stuff” out there).

So, will the universe contract and create a new event horizon or will it go on forever? It doesn’t matter. The point is, some star systems are independent, others rely on multiple stars to keep them in balance.

It’s the same with us, except we have a choice. Join with other stars or become independent. Both work, but with the latter, we have more control. And by that I mean we know who to blame if things go wrong.

Why do we like to blame? Because it makes us feel better. Trouble is, it also makes us the victim, and no one wants that.

Whether you decide to be independent or not doesn’t matter either. Some people thrive on collaboration, some don’t. But when it comes to shining, independence beats all (unless you can get your collaborators to unilaterally agree you’re the star and help you shine – it just depends on how much you want to be seen).

Whether you choose to be independent or not is a decision you’re better off making now though. Don’t put it off till you see how things turn out. If you’re going to be a binary, do it with intent. If you’re going for a multiple star system, make sure all your stars agree on how you’re going to divide up or share the accolades.

And if you’re going for independence, go all in.

PS. If you’re new here, this is part 3 of the How To Shine series. For part 1, go here:

PPS. Go here for part 4.



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