How To Shine Part 4 [Copywriting Guides]

There are three states to any universe. Stasis, Evolution, and Revolution. We’re not bothered with destruction because we accept that everything returns to its component parts at some point or another.

This is part 4 of the How to Shine series. For part 1, go here:

Most of us are in stasis. We’re just living ordinary day to day lives. We’re not sure what we really want (or need), so we go to work every day (if we can), and dream of holidays (or even the upcoming weekend or day off).

Then every now and again something flashes in front of us and some desire starts to build. We might talk about it with our loved ones (partner, family, friends), and they will pronounce their verdict – dependent largely on their state of mind at the time.

Armed with confirmation (if we’re lucky) we may go ahead and explore our desire a little further.

Then Monday comes round and we’re back into our routine, and usually the desire dies.

There are two sides to this. The first I’ve just described – the average human. The second is the copywriter who put together the words that caused the increase in desire (it may have inspired only one person, but it still did its job).

The next state is evolution. You could say that stasis and evolution were (more or less) the same thing. Evolution is a slow beast.

There is one thing that evolves a little faster though, and that is desire. Sometimes it can happen in a flash. It took me around 3 years to fall in love with my wife, but when it happened, it only took a second – and that was that.

The lead time for any prospect from cold to hot is just as variable. There is no ‘instant desire’ trick, only the right message to the right person (the timing doesn’t really matter if it’s the right message to the right person).

The more touch points we have, the faster the evolution. Repeat a message often enough and it becomes the truth in our minds.

The more truths we establish, the stronger the conviction (this is why proof wins). Most marketing is evolutionary.

And finally we have revolution. Again, there are two sides. Those who defend the stasis, and those who want to get rid of it permanently. As copywriters, we love revolution (it’s how fortunes are made), but it’s always stacked against us.

The world is careful with its energy. It will only ever use the minimum optimal amount to get what it needs. Humans are part of this world, so the pattern holds true with us too.

But if we can build desire to such an extent that it overcomes stasis and speeds up evolution, then we will get what we want. Revolution, and we will finally shine.

PS. I’ve talked in the past about revolution being dangerous (few people can accept more than 10% of change at any one time), but if you really want to shine, revolution is the only way.



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