The No Tricks Or Hacks Method Of Getting New Clients For Copywriters

The web is packed full of advice when it comes to marketing (which is as it should be). Our inboxes are packed full too (if we took notice of the marketing).

Every day, the post should come tumbling through the letterbox as marketers sniff out and market to their target audiences. Flyers should abound everywhere.

Network meetings are alive and well. Every major (and many minor) towns now hold Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meeting groups for B2B networking.

There are E-books for pretty much everything you ever needed to know (except Quantum Entanglement – I’ve looked).

And yet, despite all that, most small businesses struggle to win customers. Big business dominates – and it does it without the marketing tricks, hacks, tips and apps we’re all told will bring in millions.

Why is that? Because as I said in yesterday’s post: People.

Everything starts at the person level. Starting at the crowd level is how to fail (or rather, take part in a lottery that only a few lucky people win).

If there’s a trick at all, it’s this. Choose your people carefully. One by one is a great way to start, but a better way is one to many.

For every single person you set out to influence, check out (if you can) how influential they are. These are the so-called low hanging fruit (in that they’re usually open to new things, and when they like something, they tell everyone they know).

Make time each day to pursue this line of enquiry. Turn it into a casebook. Customer attraction, engagement, and conversion always takes time. There’s no rush required, just diligence and persistence.

PS. How do we know this is true? Word of mouth is, and always has been, the way to riches.


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