You’ve got their attention. Now what? Copywriting guide to getting clients part 2

If you’ve not read part 1 of this series, start here:

Having got the funnel myth out of the way (in part 1), the next myth is the hardest of all to destroy, and it’s this: “getting clients is hard”. It’s not. It’s easy peasy, and anyone can do it.

Before we go into that, let’s break down what a client is. Take a minute to think about it…


The term client suffers the same problem as ‘audience’ or ‘business owners’ or ‘consumers’. There are simply too many of them – no matter what attraction method is used (see my previous series on attraction).

Whilst you spend your time wondering “how do I find clients?” all of them are busy ignoring you. They don’t want to be a ‘client’. If they’d wanted that, they would have set themselves up as such: “Hi, I’m a client, let’s do business”.

It’s the same old problem. We find it hard to think about anything other than ourselves (we want clients so we spend our time thinking about our wants).

Speaking of which, here’s something else you may find useful:

A want is an external thing, a need is an internal thing. Clients need things, and just like us, they also want things.

If we’re going to find a client, we need to think about their needs (not our wants). Which means we need to find a way to fulfill their internal cravings.

Now, if we also know their wants (external) then it’s a simple matter of supplying the two things – needs and wants. Internal and external.

How? In part 3.

PS. Everyone talks about ‘getting clients’ because it’s how marketing works. When we simplify the problem it becomes much easier to sell a solution: “Hey, you want clients? I can get you some, just $10 a lead. Sign up here.”



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