You’ve got their attention. Now what? Copywriting guide to getting clients part 3

If you read the PS in part 2 of this series, you may have thought it was some kind of solution. I apologise. It was just cynicism.

Having said that, it’s easy to get clients if you promise them what they want. So if they do think that ‘getting clients’ is what they want, then any offer that promises that is going to be a winner.

With one rather large problem. The guarantee. If you can’t guarantee you’ll get clients for your client, then you’ll be in the same (mostly sinking) boat as everyone else – i.e. hopeless* (but see the PS).

I don’t mean the standard useless guarantee we see everywhere (“if this doesn’t work, I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked” etc. etc.).

Marketers sprout these types of guarantee all the time. They often start with words like “We take all the risk” or “You’re getting this for practically free” etc. etc.

The only guarantee that REALLY takes all the risk is the one that says “We’ll get you clients 100% guaranteed or we’ll pay you every penny you would have earned had you got some”.

Or “You won’t pay us a single penny until we get you clients, and even then you’ll only pay us when you get paid”.

Even these, as strong as they are, won’t cut the mustard if the client doesn’t believe you.

To understand why, we need to tap into their psyche. But since we have no idea who they are, let’s start with ourselves.

We want (and need) clients. So if we struggle to get any, who are we going to trust to get us some?

One answer is “someone who is already successful in our industry”. Who might that be? Well, how about a marketing agency? Successful agencies are always on the lookout for talent.

Our problem is, if we don’t have any clients, how can we persuade them to give us a chance? (you can find the answer to that at – hit the search button and search for ‘clients’).

So, whilst an agency is one way to go, another is to go find someone we want to work for.

Who? Well who would you want to work for? Go take a look at every business around you (or remotely for that matter) that you like the look of and make contact.

How? That’s what we’ll cover next in part 4.

PS. I’ve taken on many clients without a guarantee. In fact, they’ve accepted my proposal not just on zero guarantee of results, but because they were happy with that arrangement.



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