Don’t Let Mr Procrastination Stop You Writing

How much copy do you write in a day? 100 words? 1000 words? 2000 words? Imagine writing 2000 words every day for a year. How would that affect your ability to write? Any idea?

Let me tell you. You’d become a better writer. Why? Because you’d be bored stiff writing 2000 meaningless words every day for a whole year. Your mind won’t let you.

When you “TELL” your mind that’s what you’re going to do (and you do it) it gives up complaining (those inner voices change their mind too) and with that new attitude comes better copy.

How do I know? I’ve done it and I’m still doing it. Every day. So if you do nothing else, start writing every day, and increase how much you write till your fingers bleed (not literally).

Start with 100 words a day (you can even start with 1 word a day to create the habit if Mr Procrastination gets you).

Will it work for you? Who knows. How much do you want to become a writer? How strong is that desire? If it’s weak (and you wish it was stronger) you’ll need to find some compelling reasons, and that starts with a strong vision.

Remember this. It’s not just you, it’s your prospective clients. If you can’t get it together, how are they going to cope?

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