Four Steps To Contentment Part 1 [Copywriting Guides]

A question I ask here from time to time (in fact, a LOT of the time) is the simplest question of all: what do you want?

I ask it, because few of us have any idea what we want – even after a) being asked about it, and b) spending the weekend thinking about it.

And if we don’t know what we want, then how are we ever going to help our clients (or our clients’ customers) get what they want?

Luckily, the answer is as simple as the question. We all want to feel content (the ‘peaceful happiness’ kind, not something found on websites and social media).

So today is day one of the Four Steps To Contentment mini series, and we start with commitment.

Unless you commit to getting what you want, you’ll a) procrastinate, b) carry on as you are, and c) not get what you want. Are you committed to getting what you want? Give me a HELL YEAH if you are, or a HELL NO if not.

So how can you commit to getting what you want if you don’t know what you want? You just commit. Say “I am committed to getting what I want”.

Unless you do this, your brain will carry on as before, procrastinating and generally having a good time doing nothing other than surviving.

That’s all you have to do right now. Commit to getting what you want. Read part 2 here.

PS. If you already know what you want, how’s it working out for you?



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