Four Steps To Contentment Part 4 [Copywriting Guides]

To get what we want only happens when our desire level is at its highest (and remains there until we achieve it).

[If you missed the earlier parts of this series, start with Part 1 below.]

The same is true for our prospects (including attracting, engaging, and converting clients, as well as doing the same thing with our copy for those clients).

So now you need to apply this to yourself. As I mentioned in part 2, without a premise to start the ball rolling, we have no idea what to do next. Our premise for the importance of desire is simple: “without desire, nothing happens”.

How strong is your desire to become a top copywriter (or even just a copywriter who earns enough to live the lifestyle you dream of).

To grow your desire, you must see yourself living the dream –  and that seed needs to be nurtured every day. So how do you nurture a dream?

You live it until it becomes a habit. Or at least, you live all the parts you are capable of living. That might mean getting up at 5am every morning and writing for an hour. It might mean spending 10 minutes every day just before bed writing your journal, then another 30 minutes reading something relevant to what it is you want (that’s one of the things I do).

Whatever it is that you see in your mind’s eye that makes you BECOME the thing you want to become is exactly what you need to start doing TODAY until it becomes a habit so strong, you’d miss it like crazy if someone were to try to take it away from you.

Do this and you won’t fail. Why? Because you are DOING it. That’s all there is to success (people only fail when they fail to do something about what it is they want).

What we’ve come to on this short journey into contentment is the DOING part. It’s a paradox no one has ever figured out. To become peaceful and content we need to DO something.

It’s the irony that after a lifetime’s service to some cause or another, we’re told that we can retire (at some arbitrary age) with the privilege of a state pension we’ve been paying for every day we’ve been working.

It’s how our governments ‘sell’ working for the boss, and because we’re indoctrinated with this from our parents and schools, we believe every word of it.

It’s what keeps us subservient and voting for what we think is some kind of democracy (when in reality, most of us are just fodder for someone else’s power).

So here’s the challenge if you’re not yet as independent as you want to be. Decide what it is you want. Start doing everything you can to make it happen. Keep doing it until you get what you want.

Meanwhile watch out for next week’s series. Another bombshell is about to land.



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