Great Copy Changes People. This Is How To Think About That.

Great Copy Changes People. This Is How To Think About That.

Whenever we’re with other people (as opposed to being on our own) we change a little. That change depends on one thing – our character.

If we want to be seen, we’ll do things that make us stand out. If we want to be hidden, we’ll do the opposite.

For some of us, our character itself can change. If we’re normally outgoing, we become introverted. If we’re normally quiet, we can become extroverted. This is down to two things: context and assumption.

These two things tend to work hand-in-hand. We make an assumption about a situation, and that assumption changes the context.

If we decide we’re not worthy, then the assumption becomes we’re not worthy and the context of the situation becomes toxic (for us only – context is individual).

If we decide we’re the most important person in the room, we become that (until our character kicks in and tells us otherwise).

But all the time we have a choice. How we decide to influence that choice is how we make changes in our lives.

That’s enough about me. What matters is how this affects the people we’re writing for (our clients and our client’s customers).

If copywriting is about anything at all, it’s about change. And that change is dynamic. We all know we need to change if we’re unhappy with anything, and change starts within.

Great copy changes people. That’s the goal.

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